Wednesday, January 14, 2009

What's ahead for ActiveMQ-CPP

ActiveMQ-CPP started out as a Stomp based client for AMQ a couple years ago, since then its grown and evolved to support the native OpenWire protocol used in AMQ along with a slew of other features. Unfortunately its reached a point where the architure that we originally came up with is working against adding new features like Failover support for example. That's why I'm now focusing on a major refactor of the code to correct some of the shortcomings that are standing in the way of new features and also to improve performance and hopefully reliability at the same time.

From this point ou the 2.x branch will only see releases when there's a compelling reason to do so such as a critical fix or other small tweaks that helps someone currently using the library.

The next major release will be version 3.0. What we gain from this will be a much cleaner architecture and hopefully much faster adoption of new features that bring the C++ client closer to feature parity with the Java client. The main new feature targeted for 3.0 is failover support, but hopefully we'll be able to sneak in a few other goodies as well.

Stay Tuned.