Monday, December 22, 2014

Packt’s $5 eBonanza returns

The $5 eBook Bonanza has returned, view the details here! Treat yourself to the eBook or Video of your choice for just $5 and get as many as you like until January 6th 2015.  This is a great time to add to your personal library and start learning some new tech skills.  Its also a great time to grab a copy of my ActiveMQ book at Packt.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Coming in ActiveMQ v5.11 In-Memory Scheduler Store

Up to this point your only option for doing scheduled message delivery in ActiveMQ required that you start a broker with persistence enabled.  Well, that's not entirely true, if you wanted to apply some configuration magic and start a broker in non-persistent mode and add an instantiated version of the KahaDB based JobSchedulerStore you could but that's not really ideal when you don't really need or want full persistence such as during unit tests or in some embedded cases. 

So from here on out if you want to use scheduled message dispatch but don't require the overhead of offline storage for your broker then just create a Broker instance that has persistence disabled and scheduler support enabled.

Here's an example of an embedded Broker that will use an in-memory scheduler:

        BrokerService answer = new BrokerService();

There's a lot more changes under the hood in the scheduled message bits coming in ActiveMQ 5.11.0 but I'll cover that in another post.

Friday, July 18, 2014

ActiveMQ-CPP v3.8.3 Released

Its been awhile since the last time we released a new version of ActiveMQ-CPP so I pleased to announce that version 3.8.3 is now out.  This release is a bug fix release that addresses some threading issues in the ConnectionAudit class as well as some enhancements to the SSL code to allow for finding the domain name of the broker in a Certificate that has multiple CN values. 

The release page has all the details so head on over and download the new release

Monday, June 30, 2014

This month marks 10 years since Packt embarked on their mission to deliver effective learning and information services to IT professionals. To celebrate this huge milestone, they are offering ALL of their eBooks and Videos at just $10 each for 10 days – this promotion covers every title and you can stock up on as many copies as you like until July 5th.

This would be a great time to pick up a copy of my book 'Instant Apache ActiveMQ Messaging Application Development How-To' for just $10.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Packt Publishing now has 2000 titles and a great sale.

Packt is celebrating it's 2000th title and has a cool buy one get one free offer.  This is a great time to add to your personal library and start learning some new tech skills.  Its also a great time to grab a copy of my ActiveMQ book at Packt.

The sale ends 26th-Mar-2014 so don't wait to long.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Packt's Learning Apache Maven 3 Video Course

I took some time recently to watch the latest Maven 3 video course offered by Packt publishing.  I wasn't sure what to expect since I have seen any of their other video courses.  I was pleasantly surprised by the depth of coverage and the well thought out organization of the course.

The course walks you through the ins and outs of using maven 3 which is great if you are a new user.  What's also great is that it shows you how to integrate development with maven into different IDE's like Eclipse and IntelliJ. 

If you've never used maven or you haven't spent much time using it inside an IDE this course is a great tool to get you started.  There's a lot of good tips in there even for those who already use maven as well.