Tuesday, November 9, 2010

NMS.Stomp now has Stomp v1.1 support

If you checkout the trunk code of NMS.Stomp you can now connect up to a Stomp v1.1 broker and it will take advantage of the new features in the Stomp v1.1 spec.  I started working on this on Friday and think I've got everything working now.  So what do you get, well for now the main thing is that Stomp v1.1 supports heart beats between client and broker so the NMS.Stomp client is much more resilient when it comes to detecting that its connection to the broker has dropped.  The Failover Transport that I added to NMS.Stomp in v1.4 should get informed by the inactivity monitor now much quicker that it needs to reconnect.

You can try it out using the Apollo broker which you can download from here.