Friday, December 21, 2012

ActiveMQ-CPP v3.5.0 Released

Just in time for Christmas. 

This is a new Major release of ActiveMQ-CPP with several new APIs and
internal changes meant to improve overall stability of the C++ client.
Besides a large amount of bug fixing and memory fixing this release also
features a lot of new features in the CMS API:

* Added Message Transformation capabilities for incoming and outgoing
* You can now query for the type of a Message property so you can choose
the best getter method.
* MapMessage and StreamMessage object now expose an API to find out what
type a value is before you try to get a value using one of the getter
* Polling consumers now can set a Message available listener.
* Stomp clients can configure the destination prefixes for the
Destination types (Queues, Topics...).
* StreamMessage now has a reset method to allow object reuse.
* Added an AdvisorySupport class to make dealing with advisory topics
* Added support for non-blocking sends to Message Producers.

You can get the source bundle from the v3.5.0 release page.