Friday, September 24, 2010

Apache.NMS.Stomp v1.4.0 released.

The Apache.NMS.Stomp 1.4.0 Release bundle is now available. This release is based on the Apache.NMS API v1.4.0 and runs on .NET frameworks 2.0+, .NETCF 2.0+ and Mono 2.0+.

Changes in this version include

* Added a FailoverTransport to the Stomp Client.
* Improved URI handling in all NMS clients.
* Improved handling of Request Timeout settings.
* Added a new SetBytes method to IMapMessage.
* Added a new MessageTransformer API.
* Many bug fixes.

There are release binaries and debug binaries (with PDBs) provided. The binary ZIP files include pre-built assemblies for all of the platforms that are supported.

You can download the source and binaries from here.

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