Monday, May 20, 2013

ActiveMQ-CPP v3.7.0 Released

This is a new Major release of ActiveMQ-CPP which contains bug fixes for issues that were found since v3.6.0 was released along with several new features which have been requested by a number of users.

* Added support of Optimized Acknowledge
* Added support for Non-blocking redelivery.
* Removed dependence on the APR-Util library (Still needs the main APR lib).
* Supports priority backups for Failover Transport
* Supports the cluster rebalancing feature.
* Message Audits to filter duplicates on Failover.
* A lot of other little bug fixes and improvements.

Building the project should be a lot simpler now as you only need to have APR v1.3+ installed, this is a big plus for Windows users as building the APR-Util libs on Windows is tricky at best.  


kpox said...

I tried to connect to a broker using multicast protocol. I get the error "No Matching Factory Registered for format := multicast". I can see that by default failover, mock, ssl and tcp are supported.

How do I add support for multicast protocol? Or doesn't activemq-cpp support this yet?

Tim said...

There is no support for multicast in the C++ client. You can code it up and submit a patch if you like.