Sunday, August 15, 2010

End of Summer Reading

Just in time for that late August vacation there's two really cool books coming out from Manning: ActiveMQ in Action and Camel in Action

To get a taste of what's offered in these books fusesource has exclusive excerpts available for free (no registration required):
- Chapter 9: Learn about using transactions with Camel
- Chapter 5: Learn how messages are stored in AMQ on KahaDB

Even better is that there's a great discount for both books, and all you have to do isstop by the fusesource site to find the 40% discount code you can use when ordering from the Manning web store.
Having just finished the ActiveMQ in Action book I can say its packed with great information that you can use when getting started with ActiveMQ and even for those that have been using it for awhile there's still plenty to take away from this book.
Camel in Action is already on the top 15 bestsellers list at Manning which should tell you something about the interest in Camel.  I plan on picking up a copy soon myself.

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