Saturday, April 16, 2011

ActiveMQ-CPP v3.3.0 Released

Its official, AcitveMQ-CPP v3.3.0 has now been released.

This is a major release of the ActiveMQ-CPP client which includes some
API changes and several new features and improvements. Some additional
methods have been added to the CMS API to make it easier to use, see the
API documentation for more information.

Some highlights for this release:

* Solved some deadlock issues that could occur during failover
when using asynchronous consumers.
* Synchronous Consumers now get an exception if they call receive
when the Connection has failed.
* CMS API now provides an XA domain for linking the CMS client
into XA transactions.
* The Failover Transport now supports the connection rebalancing
feature in ActiveMQ.
* Fixes in the Stomp handling allow the client to work with
ActiveMQ Apollo.
* Better message redelivery processing for Transacted consumers.
* Fixes to the AutoConf script make builds more reliable.
* Lots of other minor fixes and improvements.

You can download the source package from here:

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