Friday, April 29, 2011

ActiveMQ-CPP v3.4.0 Released

Right on the heels of the AcitveMQ-CPP v3.3.0 release comes a new v3.4.0 release. Thanks to some helpful users we identified some issues that really needed to get fixed and also spotted some places where we could improve the CMS API.

This is a major release of the ActiveMQ-CPP client which includes some API changes so ABI breakage is expected and there's several improvements over the 3.3.0 release in the area of failover. Some additional methods have been added to the CMS API to make it easier to use, see the API documentation for more information.

Some highlights for this release:

* Added start and stop methods to CMS Session and MessageConsumer.
* Fixed some build issues on Windows, DLLs should work again.
* Resolved some issues with failover not recovering consumers correctly.
* Fixed some problems with URI parsing.

You can download the source package from here.

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