Sunday, December 18, 2011

ActiveMQ-CPP Version 3.4.1 Released

Its official, AcitveMQ-CPP v3.4.1 has now been released. 

This is a bug fix release of the ActiveMQ-CPP client which includes some fixes for issues found since the initial v3.4.0 release.  There is also one new feature that requires no API changes so it made it into this release.  The session 'recover' method is now implemented, see the API docs for info on how its used.  Some linker issues affecting dynamic libraries that several users on Mac and newer GCC releases have seen are fixed also.

Some highlights for this release:

* Implements the Session recover method.
* Fixed some build issues on Mac with dynamic libs.
* Fixed an issue with BytesMessage marshaling when compression is enabled.
* Fixed an issue on Windows with some unmarshaling cases causing a crash.
* A few other minor package and build fixes.

You can download the source package from here:

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