Saturday, January 28, 2012

Apache.NMS.ActiveMQ v1.5.3 released.

Today marks the official release of Apache.NMS.ActiveMQ v1.5.3.  We put a lot of work into this one fixing bugs that were found since the 1.5.2 release.  Some really nice performance fixes in this release along with some thread leaks and concurrency errors.

For anyone on v1.5.2 I'd definitely recommend upgrading, there were a couple issues that should make failover recovery of consumer much more reliable. 

Grab in from the Apache.NMS.ActiveMQ downloads page.


Tom R said...

Hi Tim,

Any news on v1.5.4? This issue sounds a bit scary Could you comment on what effects it might have?



Tim said...

I will try and release a new v1.5.4 in a week or so, on vacation this week so time is limited. To work around that issue you can just disable advisories in the connection factory or on the connection uri.

Tom R said...

Okay, I've set WatchTopicAdvisories = false on the ConnectionFactory.

Thanks Tim - enjoy your holiday!