Saturday, April 28, 2012

ActiveMQ-CPP v3.4.2 Released

Its official, AcitveMQ-CPP v3.4.2 has now been released. 

This is a bug fix release of the ActiveMQ-CPP client which includes some
fixes since the v3.4.1 release.  A couple important failover fixes in
this one so grab it if you are on an earlier version.

Some highlights for this release:

* Some build issues on various platforms were resolved.
* A problem with setting the username / password from the Connection
Factory was fixed.
* A problem with expired messages and DLQ processing was addressed.
* An issue with the failover transport and hangs in Connection start()
was fixed.
* A couple of race conditions on Connection close() were addressed.

You can download the source package from here:

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